More Time

One incredible side effect of having less stuff is the time that I seem to be regaining.

It was very subtle at first, but now I am really recognizing the results of these decluttering efforts. It takes less time to put laundry away with less laundry to be washed and stored, there are less piles and trinkets to shift and clean when company is coming.

There is a small hazard though... I recognized this change when I realized I seemed to be spending more and more time watching the TV and searching interesting items on the internet, but the house is not any messier. More time spent, but not less time cleaning?

My newly reclaimed seconds/minutes were being stealthily absorbed by recreation!

Not entirely bad, but not in-line with my fundamental goals for simplifying. My goals are to have a cleaner home and more time for the family... not more time with electronic screens!

I won't share how much time I've been spending wasting in gawking at glowing boxes, but it's a lot longer than is probably healthy.

(Disclaimer: I'm not talking about work time at the computer, I'm talking pure self-indulgence)

Now that I am AWARE of this bonus time, I will be making a conscience effort to keep it for things that I value: home harmony and nurturing relationships.

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Anonymous said...

I rarely comment, but really enjoy your blog!!!