Open Season

Spring is coming!

A time for rebirth, renewal and new life. A thaw that inspires action after the long, cold months.

I may be jumping the gun a little here, but I feel ready to declare open season - on winter clutter.

All those bits and bobs that accumulated over halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas, new year's, Valentine's day and many birthdays hosted over the dark months. I am officially giving them their notice!

It won't be hard... when coming across an outdated/themed item that doesn't belong, a quick pick-up and decision can be made. Since there is now an ever-present "DONATE" box in the hall closet and easy access to a the trash can for worthless stuff, there is no excuse to politely ignore any item's existence.

How many winter items have been outgrown or worn out (I can think of a ruined sled and ripped mittens off the top of my head)? How many handy gifted gadgets (given with the best of intentions) aren't living up to their promises of convenience? Likewise, how many pretty presents are just not your cuppa tea?  If you still have them hanging around out of obligation, maybe a full turn of the season is enough to show the thought was appreciated? What winter clothes did you not choose to wear this season? Don't fit or simply not favourites. LET GO.

I will try to remember to take photos as I go...

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