Food glorious food!

Feeling good! 

It's so much easier to get things done when you don't feel like a puffy toad, don't you think? 

The bad food cravings are a thing of the past. I am in love with the Paleo whole foods way of life. 

75% veggies + 25% meat = 100% delicious!
(Note 0%  processed foods, sugar, grains)

Sure some days don't go as planned and the crap gets in, but not much and not often! The result is worth the initial hassle of learning the rules. Seriously, I feel so good! And my husband and kids do too.

The extra energy has gone into just naturally moving more (sitting for hours in front of the TV is simply not appealing now). So decluttering is easier, the dog is getting more walks, the laundry gets put away, we are all sleeping better (husband has snored as long as I've known him -that's over 20 years- not snoring anymore!)

I'm gushing like a proud momma because it's just so good. If you are feeling pain, slowness or depression, or tired of acne and bloat, research the "Whole 30" first (it's the best plan for breaking the processed food cycle), then Google all the gorgeous, easy Paleo recipe blogs and pintrest boards. If your first reaction is panic at giving up something, then maybe you aren't ready to feel better. But if you the least bit excited about the food... Give it an honest try for 30 days!

The first 10 days can be a roller coaster of ick with your body panicking and all those things you are trying to fix go into hyper drive (aches, acne, bloat, lethargy, headaches) then the clouds lift, the cravings back off and the healing begins. Slow at first... Depending on haw damaged your system is it can take months to really feel "good", but you should feel "better" by the end of the 30 days, enough to maybe want to keep going! 

I'm not even sure I want to reintroduce some of the foods... They say you can bring back things for a couple days and see how it goes. Legumes, non-gluten grains, dairy, then gluten grains. But at this point I am doing fine without these things.

I'm pretty sure soy is something I can live without forever now that I've found the coconut aminos to replace soy sauce. Everywhere else, it's kind of hidden in processed foods, and my husbands homemade paleo mayonnaise is divine!

But it would be nice to try peanut butter again. If it turns out to disagree with me, oh well, but it is a comfort food for sure, and far less expensive than the nut butters.

Happy Shiny Me has never been a more honest blog name. I feel radiant these days! Thanks to good, honest food and a family that's on board!

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