You win some...

I'm happily decluttering like crazy lately!

Sold a digital camera that was not me "good" one. I still had the software, cables and docking station and even a memory card to go with it. I wasn't using it and for $20 it made a fixed income grandma very happy to have an easy to use camera that didn't cost much!

Also I talked my younger boy into selling 3 large toy trucks. Good quality ones too.

And I have made a monumental choice to sell my beloved Chaise Lounge.
It's generous, its comfy and its a wonderful place to read a book by the window.... BUT it's HUGE in the space, it blocks a lot of light coming in and it's fitting the style I want for my home. I want the space more than I want the furniture at this point, so it's presently listed online.

Also, I took more books to the local elementary school as library donations.
And a stack of kitchen tools that I don't like and even MORE clothes to the thrift shop.

With every box that leaves, I feel lighter inside.

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