Bad Feelings

If you don't have it anymore you can't:
  • Feel anxious about how much it cost
  • Feel guilty about  never using it
  • Feel embarassed that it doesn't fit anymore
  • Feel overwhelmed that it hasn't been repaired or finished it yet
  • Feel frustrated over having to clean/maintain it
  • Feel buried by the space it takes up
  • Feel shame/loss/anger over the memory that is attached to it

Those are things I know about decluttering.
It is work to remember all these points, especially if you have had the thing a long time,... that's the hardest part, admitting that the item may actually be emotionally toxic.

Have the courage to admit that the time is up with the items that invoke the above feelings: say good-bye, forgive yourself and move forward to more space and a wide open future. You have my permission to give it a new home and toss the 'baggage'.

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