Nice Mug

It has been a subtle transformation with removal of the excess in my household.

One box or bag at a time - a broken item not replaced, a rarely used thing just disappears, not dramatic at all (except the actual moving house last summer part)

It's funny that lately people keep noticing (for the first time) some furniture that I've had for over a decade -- now that it fits properly. "Is that new? It's nice."

Others are starting to notice that I have "less". Most are comfortable with it, but some folks have interesting reponses.

"Is that ALL your coffee mugs?"  More than one friend over for coffee has mentioned the number of mugs we have now. I don't run out of them even with big family dinners, so I'm not sure what they mean. MOST of the time only 2 per day are used, then they are washed. I was thinking the dozen we still have is a bit excessive, but apparently others think we need more.

(oops, that menu shouldn't be there!)

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Anonymous said...

Haha, that has never happened to me yet - probably because I still own quite a lot of cups in addition to my 8 or so mugs.
I am sometimes rather stunned when I see the amounts of mugs other people own. My mother-in-law even has them all in open storage, so that must be a lot of work to keep them clean!

Happy to have looked into your blog again!
Sanna (via 365less)