Missing In Action

It was inevitable... I am missing something I feel I need.

I'm pretty sure that I did NOT declutter my favourite gardening reference books... but I can't seem to find them! Since the move and the paring down of books, I guess they could have gone astray. They aren't in the bookshelf here.

There was a box of books under the house that hadn't been opened yet, but the gardening books weren't in there - it had my yearbooks from high school! (I am keeping those until both my kids graduate at least because they think it's funny to look at me as a teen)

In the sheds I found a forgotten box with stationery in it... It will be be edited agressively because the only thing I missed was the geometry set that I needed for the kid's math homework. Thankfully, I resisted replacing it because I KNEW I had one SOMEWHERE!

I wonder where the books are? I really want them to plan my new vegetable garden this year! I need plant pairings and soil preference and planting times for my zone... that's a lot of digging on the internet (pun intended).

Besides, that's half the fun of gardening- sitting with a good plant book pouring over it taking notes and sketching plans! Dreaming of big harvests and the freshest yummiest food.

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Jennye said...

I have many garden books that you could borrow for a long while....I will try and remember to bring them along when I visit.

That way they won't be clutter, but just on loan. If ya like! :)