Falling Off the Chuck Wagon

I started the year off with a "pantry challenge" and it was a huge success! Good thing too because our freezer died (hubby repaired it but it took a few days) and if it wasn't so empty we would have ruined many more foods.

The temptation to fill it to capacity again has been surprisingly easy to resist. I guess I really am in a more stable place emotionally with food. (Pat myself on the back) I trust that food is available and easy to access. I trust that I can afford to feed my family now and in the future. I trust that space in my freezer/pantry is not an emptiness that always needs filling. Yep, I have had food issues.

Of course, when I look to make one of my staple dinners and find that I'm out of something, the surprise and disbelief as I rant at the cupboard is almost comical. "HOW can I be out of stewed tomatoes?" I've had to get used to actually checking BEFORE I start making something, instead of assuming my cupboard is like a well stocked grocery store.

Confession time.

I bought baked beans in bulk last week. Only 6 cans, but still, I've been so good.

Menu planning has helped. I draft up the menu based on the sale flyer, check the cupboards for the ingredients and fill in what is needed. I also have a chalk board to put down any staples that have run out so I can watch for them to go on sale again.

The freezer is still easy to go through, the fridge seems wo go through phases from STACKED-STUFFED to not-stuffed-but-still-not-bare and the pantry is full, but not bursting at the seams or flowing into other rooms like it was before!

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Anonymous said...

I too find that as I declutter more and more I don't even want a full pantry!!!