Out of Sight Out of Mind

365 things was talking about space allocation to help with clutter control this week.

I am a big fan of this technique, but I have discovered a trap of sorts. Complacency with what is in the allocated space can create a stagnation. If it is contained, and tidy, then it can be easy overlooked as an opportunity for decluttering and further streamlining.

Exhibit A: storage in my son's room. Tidy boxes crammed full of stuff in a cube shelf unit. Today I dared to look into those cubes and found a veritable plethora of bits and bobs that are completely useless! So I just rooted around for just FIVE MINUTES and got a whole grocery bag of less loved hotwheels, "prize" toys (from fast food joints) and other fun bits that show up in charity shop grab bags. So easy, so fast.

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Karen E said...

Great job! It's easy to ignore those items hidden away. I need to give the storage space under my bed a good sort!