To Thine Own Self Be True

I got this dress from one of my sister's closet purges with dreams of wearing it to a spring wedding. She never wore it and now she is about 4 dress sizes smaller. It has a retro cut that makes me feel like Mrs. Cleaver or something. Totally cool even though it's slightly too big and a bit fussy fabric compared to my usual dress preference.
Well there is a wedding coming up, so I tried it on to see if it was appropriate. My family didn't like it at all on me! So straight to the donate box it went. After all, if I couldn't wear it to the function I got it for, what good is it in my closet? NO GOOD!
Hopefully someone else will love the retro styling as much as I do AND look good in it. I was quickly forced to admit that though I think its cool, it's just not ME.
Is there anything in your wardrobe that you totally groove on but isn't your style? Maybe it's time to make space for the real you instead.

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