At least you have your health...

The last couple weeks have been in a bit of turmoil thanks to some broken bones in the house (my husband, not me). Trees vs man... tree wins! Husband is in a sling for his collar bone and ribs. He can't work and even more frustrating, he can't help with much around the house. In a nutshell he feels kind of useless. I feel for him. I almost feel like I'm showing off using two hands for things, reaching across the table, rolling over in bed... all those things that are excruciating if you have breaks like his.

Despite that mishap, I am still finding time and stuff to purge from my closet! It's ridiculous! I pick it up and think "nice" then put it on and think "not nice enough" and into the donate bag it goes. I want only 10 out of 10 on the love-it scale! A big black garbage bag was filled in the last few weeks. Crazy but true. I'm getting closer to the "click point" that Mari Kondo speaks of!

I also donated a few more books.
And put some kitchen stuff away for when my son sets up a place of his own.

The garden is too hot to work in. I focus on making sure it gets enough water within our watering restriction times, and harvesting. The weeds are left to their own devices. Oh well, priorities must be made when the weather is so mean. It's much nicer inside the shade of the house, but even then activity of any sort suck in the afternoon. Thats when I get to read!

So my message for the day is to honor yourself. Limitations and all. And be thankful for your health, even if it's not perfect.

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