Outward and Onward

I am always on the look out for things that don't earn their keep around here. Thanks to the KonMari method, I am in the right mindset to really chose effectively.

Keepsakes are being photographed and released.

Stashes are being used up or given away - never to be built up again!

Collections are being reassessed and taken down to only the best and truly loved pieces...

This is an amazing journey.

Books, more shoes, more clothes, even the stuff in my crawlspace is getting judged. I found more family DVDs in the crawlspace and took more to the consignment shop and traded them for some vinyl records. A bag of stuffed animals that were so dear to my boys (and me) have found a new home thanks to the magic of the free stuff sharing website! And the old airplanes from the shed and new lotions (too many lotions here!) from my shameful stash of beauty supplies. 

Snuggly friends have a new home
Less lotions now
Toy planes flying for someone else now
This doll is a musical box with swivelling head, my grandma loved her. I love the memory of grandma's smile.
Random box of goodies for the thrift store

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