Garden Glory!

The decluttering efforts have spilled out into the yard.

Recently I gave away many tools and supplies that just were not my favourite. (I can never seem to find a full pair of gloves no matter how many I buy though). Funny how getting rid of a few items can make the whole shed work better!

Clutter or not, the garden is thriving in the sun. There are severe watering restrictions on right now with our historic levels of sun, so the garden has it's patches of incredible bounty in the fields of crispy yellow. Too hot to weed in the sun, but the veggies seem to be keeping ahead of the pests with vigour.
Apples are looking good so far
Too hot!
A good start to summer
zucchini plants up to my hips!

Zucchini are doing great, the peas are done, I've never seen so many raspberries on my small number of canes and the tomatoes are looking promising from the few we've picked already. Finally the garlic is ready (I had no idea they took 2 years) and the many squash vines are looking great (fingers crossed). Strangely the spinach and lettuces didn't even sprout and the beans are slow. In the greenhouse, it's a jungle of melons and tomatoes and fragrant basil! mmmmm.....

And in other news, my creative juices are overflowing with nowhere to go.

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