Gifts of Experience

Gifts of  Experience can be a personal gift of time from yourself, or a gift card for an activity the recipient enjoys.

Presently I am creating some vouchers for my extended family for activities that I know they enjoy...
Possible vouchers include:
  • yoga time with friends,
  • home cooked family meals,
  • cooking lessons,
  • spa days but the "spa" is your home (or their's)
  • movie night of their choice
  • gardening afternoons
  • trips to the park/museum/mall/bike rides together... whatever activity they would like to do with you more often
  • story-time / lego-time / game-time / craft-time / wiggle-time with youngsters

Other experience gifts may be:
  • Resturant/Coffee certificate
  • Movie/theatre Tickets
  • Museum membership
  • Swimming lessons/passes
  • Sports memberships
  • Art Classes
  • Continuing education course in a class they are interested in
  • Salon Gift Certificates
  • Spa Gift Certificates
  • Wine Appreciation Class
  • Kayaking Lesson.... etc

The trick is finding the balance between how well the activity matches them, and how much time they will need to commit to it. It doesn't have to be expensive to be fun and meaningful!

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