Don't Need It - Don't Want It

When we listed our house last summer, I decluttered, depersonalized and freshened up some paint, etc... Lots of things were tucked into my sister's garage only to come home again after the listing ended and we decided to stay put at least until the next house catches my attention ( LOL).

Part of the process included unplugging the small wall hanging TV in our bedroom so the ugly cables wouldn't be dangling.

The thing is we haven't found a reason to plug it back in -- since LAST SUMMER!

With my husband going to bed so early we NEVER get a chance to watch TV in bed.

It's not pretty and it's proven unneeded so why is it hanging around? Literally hanging around on the wall by my bed? I think I will give it to my sister (though I don't think she watches TV from bed either....?

One thing is it is attached to a VCR to DVD recorder and we still have loads of VHS family videos to put onto DVD before we get rid of that machine. Maybe I can get my talented husband to hook it into the entertainment system downstairs or something.... BTW we still have the video camera that records onto those half-sized VCR tapes! I suppose that should be culled too.

At least I recognize that these gadgets aren't adding anything to my life right now. And knowing is the first step to getting them out of my life for good.

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Karen E said...

Good job! TVs are such black holes in a room. It'll look so good with that gone. =)