Goal #16 Framed

This goal is a bit different.

Residue from when we listed our house briefy last year... a few boxes of "personal" decor that were removed to neutralize the house for showings. Of those boxes, the hardest one to deal with after the house was un-listed is the one with framed family phots. They are great photos in carefully selected frames.

BUT the problem is I like my walls better with    l e s s    on them... and therefore putting the photos back up would be clutter.

What could the solution be?

I love the photos - they make me happy and connected to family that has passed, and my boy's younger cute-ness.

I am seriously concidering taking the pictures out of the frames, scanning them and putting the originals in a plain photo album. The idea makes me sad that they won't be displayed, but less sad than the idea of putting the pictures back up. Is that crazy?

So my goal is to find a respectful and wonderful way to honor the pictures in a place I can visit often enough (like when they were on the wall). I can't put them back up, I like the space better clearer.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

(PS a digital frame is not an option because I loathe cables dangling down the wall)

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