Goal #18 Fashion Slave

Process: Pull everything out of the closet and pack away Winter favourites, and bring out the Spring hopefuls. A great time to cull the worn out, out of fashion, wrong size, and the pieces that were ignored to be donated to charity or turned to rags.

Goal #18: Put away heavy winter clothes for the season

I was really into it this time, and ruthless about both the winter stuff I chose to store AND about the spring stuff I put back into circulation. Honesty is such a help when doing this chore. Super comfy, sure, but yikes it's faded (rags). So very very cute but I didn't wear it all season (donate). It used to fit very nicely, but is getting unflatteringly snug (this is where honesty hurts the most - donate so I don't feel guilty about it anymore).

Verdict: Over fifteen articles of clothing outta here! So easy!

With all the recent purge items I was able to fill the trunk and head to the charity thrift shop. They were happy and I can't change my mind about any of it. Win Win.

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Karen E said...

Great job!!