Goal #17 Making my Bed

Time to tackle to bedspreads.

There was a time when I needed more bedspreads, sheets and pillowcases (and mattress protectors too). But that phase is thankfully behind us in this household, so it is time to see what can go!

The beds look best with clean, simple coverings: these rooms aren't big enough to pull off the luxury look of layers and tonnes of pillows.

GOAL #17 per Bed: 1 lightweight cover for Summer, 1 fluffy, warm one for Winter plus two sheet sets per bed is more than enough really (even when we have company).

Starting Point:
6 Twin fitted sheets
4 Twin flat sheets
6 Twin Comforters/blankets
8 Pillows
17 Pillowcases
3 Queen sheet sets (flat, fitted and 2 pillowcases)
5 Decorative Throw Pillows
1 Queen Feather Duvet
1 Queen Duvet Cover
4 Queen Bedspreads
9 Throw blankets (for couches)

Less is Better: Now....
I kept the best quality ones to meet the goal.

4 Twin fitted sheets (-2)
2 Twin flat sheets (-2)
4 Twin Comforters/blankets (-2)
6 Pillows (-2)
8 Pillowcases (-7)
2 Queen sheet sets (-1)
3 Decorative Throw Pillows (-2)
1 Queen Feather Duvet
1 Queen Duvet Cover
2 Queen Bedspreads (-2)
6 Throw blankets (for couches) (-3)

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