One foot in front of the other

I found another box of shoes in one of the sheds.

Because I wasn't "missing" any shoes (except maybe the cold-season ones) the cull was easy.

My wonderful TOMS have taken over the majority of my warm weather shoe needs. Ergo any shoes that were even remotely loafer style got the axe.... no matter what the quality or country of manufacture -- that was 4 pairs! A pretty (but hard to wear) dressy heel, mules, ballet flats, and mary jane wedges taken out too AND a pair of winter boots and water shoes that my youngest has outgrown. Exciting progress on the shoe front!

full box of purged shoes

ALL the shoes fit in one of 2 places now - hall closet and mud-room. At the other house I had them in the master closet, coat closet, utility closet and laundryroom.... and a few in the garage too.

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