Goal #23 - Storage In Hiding

In the other house we had lots of storage. Easy to access, indoors and part of the living areas. Sure it was convenient, but honestly I hated it in some ways.  It's hard to describe, all the storage was too "in my face".

This house has very little convenient storage, and TONNES of inconvenient storage. If I'm willing to go outside and battle the elements (and the spiders) I have over 1700 sqft of floorspace that I could access in the heated, dry crawlspace. Or if it's taller storage that I need (and temperature isn't important), there are 3 sheds in the yard.

This new storage situation has been fantastic at helping me sort and purge.

I don't want anything in the crawlspace. I can't have anything valuable in the sheds. And this open concept house itself is unforgiving.

So if I don't love it or find it useful it has permission to leave my life forever!

I am very close to my goals for these spaces: GOAL #23
Crawlspace- for Seasonal items (so I only have to go get them and put them away once a year)
Sheds- for Tools and Sports stuff

Once again I am happy with less. I am not buying things for some distant future anymore. I am not keeping things that could still be fun (but not right now). I am trusting that what I have is enough for now, and trusting that I will be able to get what I need in the future as I need it.

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Karen E said...

It's a great day when that finally sinks in, isn't it? You realize you don't need all that storage space and don't miss the things that used to/could fill it. Great job! =)