Some women adore it. Can't leave home without it. And have enough of it to decorate a broadway cast for a whole season.

Other women don't even own a tube of lip gloss.

My make-up relationship has been somewhere in between. I have gone through phases of exploring colours, brands and styles... but my normal going-out-in-public make-up is fairly minimal by my sister's glamourous daily standards. Weekends are even less painted... if at all. Nobody seems to care one way or the other (with one exception: my going-out-for-a-date-with-the-hubby make-up makes my boys frown at heavy application).

Since moving I have LOST most of my make-up selections. What I've been using for almost 3 month fits in the small pouch I left unpacked close to the move-time.

Occassionally, I find myself in the make-up aisle of the drug store, but after the initial flush of excitement at all the pretty colours, I get annoyed at the "more-of-the-same" feeling of it all, and leave without buying a thing.

It turns out I am happy with what I have!

1 Small pot of mousse concealer (which they no longer make so I'm not sure what to do when I run out)
3 eyeshadow colour combo options (subtle, evening & playful)
3 eyeliner options (blue black, brown)
1 highlighter pencil
1 waterproof mascara
1 not waterproof mascara
2 lipgloss (1 clear, one coloured)
1 lipstick (natural tint)

These are colours that are tried and true with my eye and skin tones. I feel comfortable in everything in that make-up pouch.

There is a box of conciderably more choices somewhere. If I find it I will toss them all!

It's simply EASIER to find (and use) my favourites with almost nothing in the drawer.

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