Goal #22 The BIG goal - unpacking

This last bit of unpacking is very very hard. It's in my office space, and it's driving me crazy.

I guess the hardest part is figuring out what SHOULD be kept out of these supplies, reference materials, cords and cables. Some of it COULD go back into the crawlspace, but I'm trying to avoid that because I won't want to retrieve anything unless it's vital.

There are still SOME boxes in the crawlspace, but not very many!
Oh the power of decluttering! The trek has been great, and it will be an ongoing journey.

  • Making a goal
  • Setting limits
  • Trusting the decisions to let go
  • Removing the chosen items quickly
  • Trusting that there will always be "enough"
....together, those are the techniques I give credit to.

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